January 2022 Hunga Tonga volcanic eruption and tsunami

The January 15, 2022 volcanic eruption occurred near Tonga in the South Pacific. CDIP's Scripps Pier pressure sensor recorded a clear tsunami signal arriving shortly before 16:00 UTC (08:00 PST) on January 15. Preliminary analysis shows a peak amplitude of over 20cm.

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Pressure sensor data from CDIP's 073 - Scripps Pier La Jolla, CA can be manually downloaded at https://cdip.ucsd.edu/themes/?pb=1&d2=p70&u2=s:073:st:1:v:download_other In this example we're using multiple 1 hour disk farm (df) records which can be also be individually found at https://cdip.ucsd.edu/data01/PUBLIC_DATA/dsk_2022/073/jan/02/

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