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Wind velocity estimates from wave observing platforms K. C. Mudd, A. Ho, A. Amador, J. Lodise,... Coastal Engineering Journal 2024-03-27
Leveraging ERDDAP to Enhance CDIP Data Access Darren Wright, Grant Cameron, James Behr... 2024-02-19
Performance of ERA5 wind speed and significant wave hei... John Lodise, Sophia Merrifield, Clarence... Coastal Engineering Journal 2024-02-11
Coastal Data Information Program: advances in measuring... James Behrens, Corey Olfe, Grant Cameron... Coastal Engineering Journal 2024-01-31
Another big wave event slams San Diego coast 2024-01-04
San Diego's high surf is coming back — but it won't b... 2024-01-03
CDIP: A Wave Monitoring Buoy Array for U.S. Coastal Inf... Behrens, J., Timmerman, R., Terrill, E.,... 2023-10-10
Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) Wave and Curren... Behrens, J., Timmerman, R. 2023-06-01
Wave–Tide Interaction for a Strongly Modulated Wave F... Allison Ho, Sophia Merrifield, Nick Pizz... Journal of Physical Oceanograp... 2023-03-01
Assessment of Atmospheric and Oceanographic Measurement... Andre Amador, Sophia T. Merrifield, Eric... Journal of Atmospheric and Oce... 2023-03-01
Yellow, metal buoy gathers wave data for Scripps Instit... 2022-11-18
Global Climatology of Extratropical Cyclones From a New... John Lodise, Sophia Merrifield, Clarence... JGR Oceans 2022-11-15
Wind Product Inferred from CDIP Buoy Measured Wave Spec... Kaley Mudd, S. Merrifield, A. Ho, J. Beh... 2022-06-03
Measuring, Modeling, and Forecasting Waves on the Calif... James Behrens, R. Timmerman, E. Terrill,... 2022-05-24
Performance Assessments of Hurricane Wave Hindcasts P. Rogowski, S. Merrifield, C. Collins, ... Journal of Marine Science and ... 2021-06-24
An early warning system for wave‑driven coastal foodi... Mark A. Merrifeld, Mele Johnson, R. T. G... Natural Hazards 2021-06-01
CDIP observations of recent extreme wave conditions on ... James Behrens, Ross Timmerman, Eric Terr... Shore and Beach 2021-05-20
The Influence of A Cross‐Reef Channel On the Wave‐D... S. Jeanette Clark, Janet M. Becker, Mark... Journal of Geophysical Researc... 2020-07-25
U.S. East-Coast Shoreline Wave Climate during Intense H... E. Terrill, J. Behrens, S. Merrifield, C... 2020-02-16
Integrating Cloud Services for Real-Time Wave Buoy Arra... J. Behrens, G. Cameron, D. Wright, E. Te... 2020-02-16
CDIP: Maintaining a robust and reliable ocean observing... J. Behrens, J. Thomas, E. Terrill and R.... 2019 IEEE/OES Twelfth Current,... 2019-06-01
The Role of Stakeholders in Creating Societal Value Fro... Mackenzie, Bev, et al. Frontiers in Marine Science 2019-05-07
Regional Swell Transformation by Backward Ray Tracing a... Sean C. Crosby, N. Kumar, W. C. O’Reil... Journal of Atmospheric and Oce... 2019-01-01
Sixteen years of bathymetry and waves at San Diego beac... B. C. Ludka, R. T. Guza, W. C. O’Reill... Nature Scientific Data 2019-01-01
CDIP wave observations during hurricanes Irma, Jose, an... Behrens, J., Terrill, E., Thomas, J. O.,... Shore & Beach 2018-08-17
81-degree reading likely sets record for highest temper... Graff, Amy 2018-08-15
CDIP wave observations during hurricane Matthew Behrens, J., Terrill, E., Thomas, J., Ca... Shore & Beach 2018-01-10
Southern California Coastal Response to the 2015-2016 E... Adam P. Young, Reinhard E. Flick, Timu W... Journal of Geophysical Researc... 2018-01-01
CDIP wave observations during hurricane Matthew Poster Behrens, J., Terrill, E., Thomas, J., Ca... 2017-09-10
Annual maximum wave heights from waverider buoy data Seymour, R.J., Castel D. Shore & Beach 2017-01-01
The California coastal wave monitoring and prediction s... O'Reilly, W.C., Olfe, C.B., Thomas, Juli... Coastal Engineering 2016-10-15
Observations of the shape and group dynamics of rogue w... Gemmrich, Johannes, Thomson, Jim Geophysical Research Letters 2016-06-01
CDIP - Public Data Management Plans created with the DM... Jennifer McWhorter, Darren Wright, Julie... Research Ideas and Outcomes 2016-04-15
Modeling Long-Period Swell in Southern California: Prac... Sean C. Crosby, William C. O’Reilly, a... Journal of Atmospheric and Oce... 2016-01-01
CDIP wave observations during a strong El Nino year Seymour, R.J.,Thomas J.O., Castel D. Shore & Beach 2016-01-01
How Are High Resolution Wave Observations and HF Radar ... Thomas, J.,Hazard, L., Jensen, R., Otero... Coastal Ocean Observing System... 2015-06-23
Biofouling effects on the response of a wave measuremen... Thomson, J., et. al. J. of Atmospheric and Oceanic ... 2015-06-01
CBS New 8 Interview J. Thomas 2015-03-19
Research Highlight: Waves Bring the Heat Mario C. Aguilera Scripps Institution of Oceanog... 2014-11-03
Support letters, FY 2014 J. Thomas 2013-05-04
CDIP wave observations in Superstorm Sandy Seymour, R.J., Olfe, C.B., Thomas, J. O. Shore & Beach 2012-10-10
Support letters, FY 2013 J. Thomas 2012-05-04
Equilibrium Shoreline Response of a High Wave Energy Be... Yates, M.L, R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, P.... J. Geophysical Research, 116, ... 2011-09-25
Coastal cliff ground motions from local ocean swell and... Adam P. Young, P.N. Adams, W.C. O'Reilly... J. Geophysical Research, 116, ... 2011-09-01
Support letters, FY 2012 J. Thomas 2011-05-04
The Effect of Temporal Wave Averaging on the Performanc... M.A. Davidson, I.L. Turner and R.T. Guza Coastal Engineering, 58 2011-02-11
Short-term retreat statistics of a slowly eroding coast... Young, A.P., Guza, R.T., O'Reilly, W.C.,... Natural Hazards and Earth Syst... 2011-01-21
Evidence for Changes to the Northeast Pacific Wave Clim... Seymour, R.J. Journal of Coastal Research 2011-01-15
California's Ocean Ari Daniel 2010-09-03
Support letters, FY 2011 J. Thomas 2010-05-04
Coarse Sediment Yields from Seacliff Erosion in the Oce... Adam P. Young, J.H. Raymond, J. Sorenson... Journal of Coastal Research 2010-05-01
Comparison of Airborne and Terrestrial LIDAR Estimates ... Adam P. Young, M.J. Olsen, N. Driscoll, ... Photogrammetric Engineering & ... 2010-04-01
A Portable Airborne Scanning Lidar System for Ocean and... Benjamin D. Reineman, Luc Lenain, David ... J. Atmospheric and Oceanic Tec... 2009-12-01
Huntington Beach Surfzone Currents and Beach Water Qual... S. Grant, W.C. O'Reilly, F.Feddersen and... 2009-10-13
Little Buoy Takes On Big Job Deeda Schroeder The Daily Astorian 2009-10-05
Equilibrium shoreline response: Observations and modeli... Yates, M.L, R.T. Guza, and W.C. O’Reil... Journal of Geophysical Researc... 2009-09-18
Rain, Waves, & Short-Term Evolution of Composite Seacli... Adam P. Young, R.T. Guza, R.E. Flick, W.... Marine Geology 2009-09-01
Comparison of short-term seacliff retreat measurement m... Adam P. Young, R.E. Flick, R. Gutierrez,... Geomorphology 2009-06-18
Support letters, FY 2010 J. Thomas 2009-05-04
Local fishermen recover valuable weather buoy Greg Thomas Half Moon Bay Review 2009-04-29
San Francisco PORTS J. Thomas 2009-01-15
Overview of seasonal sand level changes on southern Cal... Yates, M.L., R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, a... Shore & Beach 2009-01-01
Persistence of a Small Southern California Beach Fill M.L. Yates, R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.... J. Coastal Engineering 2009-01-01
Malibu's Vanishing Broad Beach a sign of rising sea lev... Kenneth R. Weiss Los Angeles 2008-12-31
Pacific Northwest Wave Buoys 2008-12-01
Central California Wave Buoys 2008-12-01
California Ocean Protection Council - LA/Long Beach J. Thomas 2008-11-21
San Diego's Changing Climate: A Regional Wake-Up Call 2008-11-17
The San Diego Foundation Regional Focus 2050 Study 2008-11-01
Santa Barbara & Ventura County Wave Info 2008-11-01
Southern California Beach Processes Study Thomas, Julie CDIP 2008-09-01
A Technique for Eliminating Water Returns from Lidar Be... Yates, M.L., R.T. Guza, R. Gutierrez, an... J. Atmospheric and Oceanic Tec... 2008-09-01
Southern California Wave Buoys 2008-08-01
Hydrographic Survey Research Panel J. Thomas 2008-07-24
Implementation of Google by CDIP J. Thomas 2008-07-24
CDIP 2008-05-14
Support letters, FY 2009 J. Thomas 2008-05-04
Data Quality Control J. Thomas 2007-10-17
ACT 2007-10-15
Scenarios for Coastal Flooding in San Diego County Caus... R. Guza, R. Seymour, W. O'Reilly, J. Tho... 2007-08-24
Sea Level Rise R. Guza, R. Seymour, W. O'Reilly, R. Buc... 2007-08-24
Waves & Beaches 2007-08-09
CSBPA - CDIP Wave Measurements and Model Predictions J. Thomas 2007-04-26
CSBPA - Airborne LIDAR Mapping of Beach Changes R. Seymour 2007-04-26
Sea Range partners with UCSD/Scripps Patti Sauers Air Time 2007-03-01
Evolution of Surface Gravity Waves Over a Submarine Can... R. Magne, K.A. Belibassakis, T.H.C. Herb... J. Geophysical Research, 112, ... 2007-01-09
Humboldt 2007-01-01
Performance Evaluation of Seacliff Erosion Control Meth... Adam P. Young and Scott A. Ashford Shore & Beach, 74,(4) 2006-09-12
Application of Airborne LIDAR for Seacliff Volumetric C... Adam P. Young and Scott A. Ashford J. Coastal Research, 22,(2) 2006-03-01
Changes in Sand Level and Wave Energy on Southern Cali... Marissa L. Yates, R. Guza, R. Seymour, W... 2006-02-17
Retaining Sandy Beaches in North County O'Reilly, Guza, Seymour, Flick, Yates, T... 2006-01-15
SANDAG 2005-12-13
City of Oceanside Harbor & Beaches Advisory Committee J. Thomas, R. Seymour, R. Guza 2005-12-08
Headlands to Oceans Conference J. Thomas, R. Guza, R. Seymour, W. O'Rei... 2005-10-26
SCBPS overview 2005-03-01
Rapid Erosion of a Southern California Beach Fill Seymour, R.J., R.T. Guza, W. O'Reilly an... J. Coastal Engineering, 52,(2) 2004-05-15
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2002-11-30
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2002-08-31
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2002-05-31
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2002-02-28
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2001-11-30
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2001-08-31
Torrey Pines Beach Nourishment Study Quarterly Report -... R.T. Guza, W.C. O'Reilly, R.J. Seymour, ... 2001-05-31
Coastal Data Information Program Oceanside Magazine 2001-03-01
Validation of Operational Global Wave Prediction Models... K. M. Wingeart, T. H. C. Herbers, W. C. ... Ocean Wave Measurement and Ana... 2001-01-01
The Relationship Between Incident Wave Energy and Seacl... Bunumof, B.T., Storlazzi, C.D., Seymour,... California. Journ. Coastal Res... 2000-10-15
Systematic Underestimation of Maximum Crest Height in D... Proceedings, Offshore Mechanic... 1998-07-05
Effects of El Nino on the West Coast Wave Climate Seymour, R.J. Shore & Beach 1998-07-01
Assimilating Coastal Wave Observations in Regional Swel... W. C. O'Reilly and R. T. Guza J. Physical Oceanography, 28,(... 1998-04-01
Undersea pumped storage for load leveling Proceedings, California and th... 1997-06-15
Observations of seiche forcing and amlification in thre... Okihiro, M., Guza, R.T. J. of Waterway Port, Coastal, ... 1996-10-01
Wave climate variability in Southern California Seymour, R.J. J. of Waterway, Port, Coastal,... 1996-07-01
A Comparison of Directional Buoy and Fixed Platform Mea... W. C. O'Reilly, T. H. C. Herbers, R. J. ... J. Atmospheric and Oceanic Tec... 1996-02-01
Effects of Southern California Kelp Beds on Waves M. Hany S. Elwany, William C. O'Reilly, ... J. Waterway, Port, Coastal and... 1995-03-01
Field Wave Gaging Program, Wave Data Analysis Standard Marshal D. Earle, David McGehee, and Mic... USACE Instruction Report CERC-... 1995-03-01
New Technology in Coastal Wave Monitoring Richard Seymour, David Castel, David McG... Ocean Wave Measurement and Ana... 1993-07-25
Wave Monitoring in the Southern California Bight William C. O'Reilly, R. J. Seymour, R. T... Ocean Wave Measurement and Ana... 1993-07-25
A Comparison of Two Spectral Wave Models in the Souther... William C. O'Reilly and R. T. Guza Coastal Engineering 1993-05-01
A Comparison of Spectral Refraction and Refraction-Diff... William C. O'Reilly and R. T. Guza J. Waterway Port, Coastal and ... 1991-05-15
Modelling the Storm Waves of January 17-18, 1988 W. C. O'Reilly Shore & Beach 1989-10-01
Wave Observations in the Storm of 17-18 January,1988 R. J. Seymour Shore & Beach 1989-10-01
Editorial: The Great Storm of January 1988 R. J. Seymour Shore & Beach 1989-10-01
COASTAL FORUM: Unusual Damage from a California Storm Seymour, R.J. Shore & Beach 1989-07-15
Unusual marine erosion in San Diego County from a singl... Dayton, P.K., R.J. Seymour, P.E. Parnell... Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf S... 1989-04-24
Storm wave induced mortality of giant kelp, Macrocystis... Seymour, R.J., M.J. Tegner, P.K. Dayton,... Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf S... 1989-03-15
Automated remote recording and analysis of coastal data J. Waterway, Port, Coastal and... 1985-03-02
Influence of El Ninos on California's wave Climate B.L. Edge, ed. Proc. 19th Int. Conf. on Coast... 1984-09-03
Continuous estimation of longshore sand transport Coastal Zone '78, Proc. Symp. ... 1978-03-14
Measuring the nearshore wave climate: California experi... M.D. Earle and A Malahoff, eds. Ocean Wave Climate, Plenum Pre... 1977-07-12
Regional network for coastal engineering data Proc. 15th Coastal Engineering... 1976-07-01